Pierre Lafrenière – The man behind Tango

The vision of an entrepreneur.
the energy of an artist.

Pierre Lafrenière – The man behind Tango

Tango started with a photographer. An expert in commercial photography. An entrepreneur who liked to do things differently. Tango started with Pierre Lafrenière.

Our story is simple, yet unique. It’s about a pioneer in his industry who wanted to offer something more. To introduce a new vision.

That’s how Pierre Lafrenière first imagined, and built, Tango. Today, our studio is home to some of Montreal’s most renowned photo professionals.

A commercial photographer with a creative vision

Pierre Lafrenière is not just a photographer. He’s not just an entrepreneur. Pierre is someone who managed to combine two very different sides of his character to create something exceptional and push the limits for his clients.

What’s his story?

Having decided to learn everything he could about commercial photography, Pierre was able to perfect his skills alongside some of the most prominent food photographers in the industry. He quickly made a name for himself in the Montreal circuit, and the incredible opportunities started rolling in.

Pierre wanted to offer his clients a fresh perspective and a new way of doing things. He focused on what he does best: creating and learning.

The plan worked.

So, what do you do when you hit it big? When both your clients and your colleagues want to follow your vision and your innovative approach? You get a bigger space so you can create even more!

The unparalleled evolution of a Montreal photo studio

In the beginning, Tango was Pierre Lafrenière. But, over the years, many talented souls have contributed to the success of this photo studio. Tango is now home to some of Montreal’s greatest photography experts.

They evoke new emotions, one image at a time. They do it for you.

This is the continuation of Pierre’s story, the evolution of what he created. This is what makes Tango unique.

And you? What’s your story?