Montreal photography studio

Give meaning to your message.
Give it an image.

Montreal photography studio

Whatever your project, a top-quality Montreal photo studio will set you apart. With no creative limitations, a professional photo studio allows you to explore all avenues for the direction of your project.

Finding the right partner is the key to getting the best result.

At least, that’s what we believe at Tango. And, by combining years of experience and expertise, that’s what we offer to our clients.

A photo studio that adapts to your project

Creating and re-creating new worlds takes a lot of space, tools and accessories. Photographers and stylists can then feel free to let their imaginations run wild, bringing new life to your project.

Our teams use a wide array of tools to re-create the space for each new project.

Here’s a quick overview of the studio:

  • A 10, 000 sq. ft. studio
  • Multiple sets available
  • 5 independent studios
  • Natural light available
  • 16 ft. ceilings

By maximizing our time with each team, we guarantee results. We get the effect you’re looking for.

From start to finish, we ensure each image represents you perfectly, right down to the smallest detail.

The Montreal photo studio experience

The image you see on-screen, in print or on a canvas, is the result of a creative and collaborative work process. At Tango, we believe (and have for over 20 years!) that the client and the studio team need to work together to realize the unique vision for each project.

Our team is on board. And that’s why it works.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated on a wide range of photo projects including: food, fashion, lifestyle and more. We attract a variety of clients because we work closely with each of them to push their creative limits and get the results they’re looking for.

Join our clients, and create a better image for yourself or your business. See the bigger picture.