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Make Your Own Piping Bag

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You don’t have a piping bag, don’t panic.

Last summer, a friend invited us to his cottage for the weekend, to celebrate his birthday. I offered to make him a birthday cake by using all the ingredients’ that were on hand.
When came time to be creative with the decorating part I did not have a piping bag. No bag? No problem! I used a freezer bag instead. It’s a simple and economical substitute for this kind of decoration.

Prepare your favorite icing.


Fold the edges of the bag outwards before filling. Fill the bag with the icing (do not overfill).


Bring out as much air as possible by closing the bag.


Compress the icing in the bag by twisting the top rather than pressing it.


Cut a corner of the bag carefully, to your desired width. But no more than ½ inch.


Squeeze the icing in the bag by exerting a slight pressure (attention, too much pressure could tear the bag).


Washable and reusable, this bag is ready for a next recipe: glaze, mashed potatoes to top a Coquille St Jacques, or to make choux pastry.



About Jacques Faucher

Born and raised on a farm in Beauce, Jacques grew up surrounded by large vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

From a very young age, his parents initiated Jacques to the kitchen by letting him prepare the family meals during the summer holidays. It is from that experience that he developed a passion for cooking.

As the years went on, Jacques became more and more interested in the art of food and all its aspects. And in order to pursue his passion, becoming a chef was the next step in his culinary adventure. Once graduated, he worked in several upscale restaurants in Montreal where the rigorous schedule became his training ground. Having acquired so much experience, this led Jacques to open his own restaurant, the Montreo. A great adventure that earned him several great reviews and praises.

After some years had passed, Jacques found yet again another passion. Combining his talent as a chef and incorporating his natural talent for prop and food styling. Today, Jacques Faucher creates recipes and is the lead stylist on many photo shoots for some of Montreal’s best-known food chains.

Follow Jacques on Instagram @jacfaucher.


Discover our food photographer portfolio